Frequently Asked Questions

My pram/stroller isn't listed on the information page, will your universal liner fit?

If your pram/stroller has a standard 5 point harness - so the shoulder straps and crotch straps will all come apart so they thread through the holes in the liner, and there are no extra straps from the seat to the bumper bar, chuck and taz liners will fit.


My pram/stroller has a narrow seat, should I get the small size?

The small and standard liners are the same width, it is the shape and length that differ. Generally speaking the narrow prams on the market have long seats so will best be suited to the standard size liner for full seat coverage. The small liner is best suited to toddler seats.


Do you do custom orders?

Due to current demand, chuck and taz cannot take on custom orders for either specific fabrics or pram models. All liners available on the website have been made and are ready to ship (unless otherwise specified).


 Is there a slot for the pull handle that is on some pram models (i.e. City Mini, Steelcraft Agile)?

Because the liners are designed to fit most prams and strollers there is not an extra slot sewn in for pull handles. You can still use the liners however, by simply flipping the bottom part back over the crotch strap or by reaching underneath the liner.


Do you do pram hoods?

Sorry no, not enough time to consider them at the moment!


My harness covers don't fit my pram.

As per the information page our harness covers are designed to replace existing harness covers on the straps, they won't fit over the top of them. If you have purchased harness covers and cannot use them please contact us as we are always happy to refund any unused product once they are returned.


Do offer discounts for ordering multiple items?

When you order multiple items you receive a discount by the way of flat rate shipping (within Australia) up to $99 and free shipping above $100.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping costs for international friends is a flat rate of $15 AUD.